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Hosam Ibrahim

Multi talented creative director/ producer with exceptional artistic capabilities and a long History of academic accomplishments  utilizing his exceptional artistic skills, academic credentials, extensive hands-on field experience and state of the art technology in the film making and television production industry.


Chris Moss

Accomplished actor and producer, known for A Clique, The Walking Deader ... Chris Moss · Awaiting fight scene with Alex O'Loughlin on Hawaii 5-0 as guest ...


Rita Saikali

Results-focused Production Manager with experience in working in coordinating timely delivery, researching and supporting operations of productions through creative and innovative growth.


Marvin Williams

Marvin Williams

Born on September 29, 1974, he is a producer and writer, known for Sexual Healing, The Jungle Book (2014) and Rosamond.

Marvin Williams;

Born on September 29, 1974, he is a producer and writer, known for Sexual Healing, The Jungle Book (2014) and


Nashaat Hamdy

Regional Middle Eastern Director / Production Manager of technical.

Also responsible for production elements related to The Media production Projects including cameras, lighting gears, Montage, DIT, Grip and all other production equipment.

Director of technical operation team for The Creative Film Academy, Egyptian & Middle Eastern Branches

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Rhiannon Gagnon

highly skilled Production Manager :

organized professional responsible for overseeing the entire production process. She is talented in managing resources, scheduling production runs, and ensuring that the production team meets the required quality standards. Her role involves working closely with other departments, including engineering, marketing, and sales.


Wesley Claggett

Since sound and music go together, it was an obvious choice to be a sound mixer. My sound career blew up. I was working 28 days a month and pissing off every sound person in Los Angeles. At one point. he was the most searched name in the sound would. After saving up money from sound jobs, I bought a RED EPIC, camera and all the equipment to start a production company. Called KOED FILMS.


Sean Price

Owner of Pricetone Entertainment, a post production facility located in Burbank. Strong experience working with notable clients ranging from artists, to corporations and full fledge audio production teams. Sean built Pricetone from initial gaining notable clients such as, Amazon, ABC, PBS, Sprite brand, Fandango, MARVEL, and Netflix.



As an Actor producer, he doesn't only perform in films and television shows, but also takes on the responsibility of producing them. This means Jason gets involved in all aspects of the production process. He has a strong creative vision and are able to bring his unique perspective to the film projects he works on.

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Mohamed Nasser

Independent Business developer and technical director Utilizing his exceptional knowledge,  skills, credentials, extensive hands-on field experience in handling state of the art technology equipments the film making, Cinema and television production gears.
A head of technical team for The Creative Film Academy, Egypt Branch.

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