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A director manages the creative aspects of the assembly. They direct the making of a movie by visualizing the script while guiding the actors and technical crew to capture the vision for the screen. They control the film’s dramatic and artistic aspects. It's important to grasp what a director does in every stage of a production of the film.

A director’s description involves participation in nearly every phase of a project. Because the director’s vision largely impacts the ultimate word product, directors work closely with department heads and technicians to bring it to life.

WHAT is A Director's role FROM START TO FINISH?

Interpret scripts Set the tone of film Work with department heads Work with casting directors to travel searching the talent Direct actors then the computer graphics with editors to assemble the film Work with sound , and music departments The director creatively controls the set while the AD ensuring that everybody are on the shooting schedule and getting the needed footage Directing & Post-production during this stage, a collaboration with the director & editor, we start the post-production process and editing, visual effect, sound mixing to assemble the shots and build a draft for the film by selecting from hours of footage. 

Teasers ares finished during now so on start out marketing the film A music composer writes the score of the movie while colorists design the ultimate word loo , and color theme of the film also unitedly with the director as he's answerable for the ultimate word look of the film​This Directing course is given by knowledgeable experienced directors with great skill , and clear understanding to the because of manage and directing talents, camera movements, lighting mode , etc. to transfer the vision on the screen!

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