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This course covers the most important stages of film production and also the responsibilities of a movie Producer starting with a final script: Development: A project producer’s responsibilities starts from gathering ideas of a movie until screening the ultimate film project.  

Financing: The producer’s first responsibility is to sell the film idea to lift funds and gather possible financiers using film packages including; storyboard, visual material, wall plug presentations, etc. 

Pre-production: Once enough funding in place, producer starts pre-production starting with the choice of the cast, crew, locations of the shoot, production design  and props etc. then prepare the shot lists followed by putting a shooting schedule for the entire shooting days

Production: In this stage, the particular footage is filmed by coordinating all the various departments; crew, grips, lighting, sound, camera, etc. the director creatively controls the set while the AD ensuring that everybody are on the shooting schedule and getting the needed footage 

Post-production:  In this stage, a collaboration with the director & editor, we start the post production process and editing, visual effect, sound mixing to assemble the shots and build a draft for the film by selecting from hours of footage teasers may be done during this time so as to start out marketing the film 

A music composer writes the score of the movie while colorists design the ultimate look and color theme of the film 

Marketing; In this stage we'd like all prints, ads, promotional posters, trailers, together with digital marketing, promotion for the film including press interviews, red carpet events and premieres, and other private screenings events & launch parties. and social media are best medium to assist generate a buzz for the film producers should use their connections with distribution companies,  and attend film festivals to assist the distribution process​

Distribution: Theatrical distribution is usually divided between domestic and international per set agreements with production companies to pay money for the film to screen at physical theaters The new distribution option nowadays, is to focus on the latest digital media streaming companies like Amazon Prime  Video, Hulu, Netflix, etc. all of which require much less budget to realize the most effective distribution rewarding results. So... Let's start!

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