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This online Cinematography Course will teach you the way to shoot beautiful videos using any camera. This course is intended to show you the in , and outs of professional cinematography —- the art of creating motion pictures ​ This is the course is taught by knowledgeable Hollywood cinematographer. Learn the fundamentals of getting great shots with any camera Use the manual settings on your camera to show your shot properly Learn how to use camera movement to urge more impressive shots Light your video sets with traditional filmmaking techniques and lighting setups Become knowledgeable director of photography (cinematographer) with recommendations on a way to find add the video/film industry Make money shooting videos Improve Your Video Creation with this whole Course Regardless of the kind of camera you're using —- DSLR, Professional Cinema Camera, Pro, iPhone, or Film —- you'll be able to shoot beautiful video. Learn professional techniques that Hollywood filmmakers are using to capture powerful images. If you would like to find out a way to shoot great videos and making money doing what you like, this is often the course for you. Our Promise to You We'll be here for you each step of the way. If you've got any questions about the course content or anything associated with this subject, you'll be able to always post an issue within the course or send me an immediate message .  We want to form this the simplest course on how to shoot better video. So if there's any way ​ This course dives right into Five5 tips for better cinematography. You'll learn the fundamentals of cinematography including choosing the correct camera, ISO, frame rate, shutter speed, f-stop/aperture, and lens options. ​ Learn how to show your videos properly, including learning various varieties of exposure varieties of commercial, TV, and narrative filmmaking. Learn how camera movement with tripods, handheld, Dollys, steady cam systems, and drones can facilitate your take beautiful shots. Learn how to light your video shots with different styles and lighting kits. Learn how to figure with the producer, director, camera team, grip , and electric team, and other departments on a movie set. Learn how to seek out work as a cinematographer / videographer. Find out how to network, negotiate an honest rate, and acquire jobs. Start shooting better videos today! See you in lesson 1

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