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Production Design​

As the head of the academic department, the assembly designer is responsible of creating sure each shooting location is ideal, prepared, and on point with the vision of the film. Film may be a language of visual storytelling, and then the visuals captured by the camera matter immensely. Your locations, sets, costumes, lights, etc. all work together to form a world on screen, and this world may be a crucial a part of telling your film’s story. Having an implausible script and cast of actors onboard won’t be enough if what the audience are viewing doesn’t tell a cohesive story. this can be why the assembly designer’s job starts during pre-production alongside the director and producer of the project. the assembly designer takes the writer’s work, the director’s vision, and also the producer’s plan, and synthesizes it into a visible story. Together, the pre-production team formulate ideas and plan for the visual context which will be used to tell a captivating story. This includes electing colors, themes, compositions, and other visual elements that employment best to evoke the emotions, themes, and actions of every scene and also the project as an entire.​With their strong knowledge of art and style, including color theory, lighting, and more, the assembly designer will have a major influence on the ultimate look of the movie

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