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Saudi TV Channels Development Plan

Project by Hosam Ibrahim, Multi talented creative director/ producer with many artistic capabilities and a long History of accomplishments. For more than 20 years, Hosam Ibrahim has been utilizing his exceptional artistic skills, academic credentials, extensive hands-on field experience and state of the art technology in the film making and television production industry. He designed and built many audio video facilities at multiple locations in Hollywood, California. He led the film and multimedia production department at Bryman college, Corinthian Schools, West Coast University and Creative Film Academy for more than nine years. Produced many PSA (public service announcement TV and Film projects) Lead the multimedia production department @ Bryman College for more than nine years. Hosam was awarded the "Best short film Director" for "Falling dreams 2023" Short Film @ The North Hollywood New Media Film Festival & Creative Film Academy for short films. Exceptionally skillful in ( Writing, Producing, Directing, lighting, Shooting, Editing & more

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