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Scripting ( Screen Writing)

The course will identify and explain key points allowing the student the ability to migrate from original concept to a completed final draft. The primary focus will be on outlining overall story development  inclusive of character development, beats and pacing,
story arc and line producing (for budgetary purposes). 

All the above will be covered including tips on scene and script act structure as well copyright guidance for your locked / completed screenplay.  We wish you the most success in your journeyThe real benefits of these online screenwriting courses is your ability to repeatedly attend them in your own time while writing your masterpiece. This script writing course is presented by an experienced scriptwriter with great writing skills and clear understanding to how to structure a film. This course teaches you the essentials of writing a proper Hollywood screenplay that any director or producer can read or produce. You will also learn how to develop characters and plot points,  and how to start your career as a screenwriter and script writer for all kind of film

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