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Acting Intensive

By Chris Moss, who have been making a living as an actor for about 10 years He booked numerous television shows several films that are studio films, lots of independent films. He's been the lead in several films, I booked over 50 commercials including national commercials and huge campaign He's done all of this by following a belief that He is not only capable but that all the emotions all the needs of my characters live in him. He believes that inside of all of us we have such a variation of emotion and a variation of traits that we can access through training and methods. what he's been able to do is take all of the training that He's received from the best schools in Los Angeles and coaches studying Stanislowski and Meisner Stella Adler method . All these different techniques, He kind of hybrid of them all together for his own method

He's compiled 11 courses that really break down from top to bottom not only the methods of acting, but also the business of acting.

The courses are:

  • The basics of Acting  - Script analysis - Character Breakdown - Emotional Access - Exercises - Film acting 

  • Set Etiquette and VerbiageThe Business of acting - Tools of the trade - Contingencies  - My bonus method

Chris's goal in providing these 11 courses is to give you 20 years of his experience to help you to be the best actor that you can be


Chris Moss 

Actor, Producer/ Film Maker

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