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Film Project
From Concept to Screening


The power of multimedia is immeasurable in today’s society. Wouldn’t you like to learn how
to unleash this power?  Our world is constantly searching for exciting new content and Learning to captivate an audience is an exceptional talent worth developing. You no longer have to be a Hollywood Film producer in order to make movies. 
Nowadays, a talented person can learn how to make his own compelling presentation. In fact, our ability to express an idea, and influence those around us is no longer a skill we can do without. in order to compete in this highly competitive world, we’re expected to communicate in a wide variety of ways and on multiple levels.
The good news is, that developing these skills in a fun supportive environment with inspiring instructors can be the most exhilarating experience of our lives. There is nothing more exciting than experiencing “True Creative Productivity". 
All our courses are taught by experienced instructors and professional & Film Makers with decades of Field experience. 
Our instructors will teach you the essentials of film making including; Scripting, Storyboarding, Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Production Design, & Audio Recording in addition to the latest Editing software. providing a step by step guide to all the processes needed for a professional production, from concept to screening your final project. Over the years, our effective methods have helped many students quickly become skillful performers in many production departments.
They’ve also developed & improved their unique artistic skills, to benefit all projects they were involved in. 
Upon completion of this courses, you should feel confident to take a variety of responsibilities in the Production Field

Looking forward to making our next film together.

Hosam Ibrahim

Film Maker, President of Creative Film Academy