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President & Founder of 
Creative Film Academy

Multi talented professional film maker/ experienced academic instructor with
more than 16 years of field experience & solid knowledge of key elements to film making  including; writing, producing, directing, cinematography, production design,  & audio recording etc. 
Hosam's courses provide a step by step, guide to all the essential key elements needed for any professional production, from concept to screening final projects, including ; structuring & breaking down of a script, storyboarding, producing, directing, design, lighting, cinematography , editing & audio recording, in addition to teaching the latest post production audio/ video editing software. 

Over the years, Hosam's effective methods have helped many students quickly become knowledgeable and skillful performers in many production departments.
They improved their unique artistic skills to benefit all projects they were involved in.

Hosam is Looking forward to making your next film together.

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